A vocation
Although the family farm, built of white stone, has existed for generations, it was only when Damien Bonnet started in 2008 that the wines began to be bottled with a commitment to working organically, and in a natural and conscientious manner in the cellar.

Today a small team and the whole family work alongside Damien to keep the estate thriving.

The earth

A symbiotic relationship
A healthy soil that sustains the vines, woods and food crops is the foundation of our ability to work serenely every day. Chickpeas, lentils, einkorn, alfalfa, malting barley, wheat and sunflowers are grown in and around the vineyard.

Choosing to maintain polyculture provides a diversified, peaceful environment, conducive to the presence of wildlife, insects, fungi and plants, which together play an essential role in the richness of the soil.
The ideal location of the domaine on clay-limestone slopes and plateaus offers a diversity of terrain that also encourages a beautiful complexity in the wines.

The vines

The vineyards cover 14 hectares and are made up of a variety of native Gaillac grape varieties: Mauzac Vert and Rose, Loin de l'oeil, Ondenc, Braucol, Duras and Prunelart.
ValdiguiƩ for the reds and Verdanel for the whites will soon be planted.

The red plots are located in the more clay-rich part of the estate while the white plots are in the rockier, more chalky part.
The choice of these grape varieties adapted to our region combined with a conscientious approach enables the identity of Gaillac wines to be fully expressed.

The cellar

Patience and letting nature run its course
The grapes are harvested by hand at the optimum time and then vinified naturally with indigenous yeasts.

The wine is slowly matured in harmony with the seasons, in a wide variety of containers ranging from stoneware jars and eggs to oak barrels and vats, terracotta amphorae, and stainless steel and concrete tanks. Each of these plays a decisive role in determining the characteristics of each wine.

Clarification is achieved by simple gravity and then racking takes place without fining or filtration of the reds at bottling.

Terre de Gaillac

In order to promote this precious terroir, the Terre de Gaillac association, to which we belong, is active and ambitious in showcasing the winemakers and their natural and ethical working methods.